AVILA ZESATTI arquitectos


After several years accumulating and acquiring experience by working for renowned architectural firms, contractors and industrial developers, Jacob Enrique Ávila Zesatti – licensed architect by the UANL- started to give form, initially as a freelancer, to AZ Arquitectos, the architectural firm which he leads now, launching his expertise on architectural design, engineering development and coordination, interior design and space planning and programming, aiming to provide services to the residential, commercial and industrial markets and also targeting General Contractors as well as Real Estate and Industrial Developers.


Awareness and Consciousness is the way we at AZ Arquitectos always approach our projects and commissions, whether it is a small house, a corporate office or an industrial space.

We are aware and conscious that behind every single architectural creation there is an implicit and important amount of economical -and many times emotional- investment on behalf of our clients, which is why our staff is fully committed to perform a deep understanding and analysis of our customer’s requirements, as well with a profound analysis of the site’s natural, cultural and urban context, which to us is the base of any good design practice.


Also, we will apply our expertise and knowledge of the local codes, on selecting the best applicable construction systems, the most reliable and aesthetic finishes within the customer`s economical requirements and established goals, all of these combined with a constant investigation of new materials, new construction systems and application of latest technologies, in order to achieve a final space with the customer’s satisfaction and respectful of its environment…we seek to provide our customers with not only a beautiful space, but with the daily experience of an aesthetic, functional and spiritual retreat where they could feel and get the best experience of their building, whichever the type of space it is.


AZ Arquitectos is always looking to design and build architecture FOR the people.   Although the buildings have to comply with the function they have been conceived for, furthermore than a mere functional objective, we believe they also have to provide unique living experiences to the users.     


Buildings nowadays cannot subtract to the technical progress, rather they must embrace the newest technologies and put them at their service, nevertheless AZ Arquitectos will always seek to procure the prevailing of the human being as the center and starting point of our architectural endeavor.